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38, mother of murderers, can't cry

Sloan was a dedicated military general during the A.I. War. Her obsessive loyalty ultimately led to her downfall in her last battle, which claimed her throat and teeth. After a painful recovery and surgical enhancements, she became the leader of a murderous group of bandits. Sloan will stop at nothing to retroactively save her daughter, and will cut down anyone in her path.

"Spare the children.”


26, swamp child, generally dirty

Jen is a good-hearted, but reckless bounty hunter who enjoys hand-painting her animal skull collection. She is a skilled hunter, never turns down a challenge, and is too stubborn for her own good. When she jumps, she leaps without looking and crash lands. Equipped with a pet turtle, a machete, and an overblown sense of confidence, Jen is the one you don’t want to piss off.

“Out here, it's eat or be eaten.”


23, rookie time-traveler, professional loner

After accidentally shooting a man in a time-travel suit, Colt finds himself in a tight spot. Growing up isolated in the desert, he has only learned to experience the world through books and imagination. He is now officially Jen’s prisoner, but don’t get this damsel confused; he has a bit of a fight in him. He’s planning something big.

"This is not the day I had in mind.”


Skull Baby
47, borderline bulletproof, collects teeth

Nobody’s quite sure which sunken trench Skull Baby emerged from. This trigger-happy goon does Sloan’s dirty work in exchange for psychoactive drugs. A thrill-seeker by nature, Skull Baby utilizes a jetpack and a gun that recycles its own bullets. He is, most simply, an agent of chaos.

"When I don’t get my medicine, I get a bit... agitated.


ADAM the Robot
4, officially obsolete, has tonal issues

ADAM is Sloan’s right-hand android. Insecure about its artificial existence, ADAM covers its body with human clothing. Every night, it has lifelike dreams in which it finds itself in a much happier story. It is fast, accurate, and becoming increasingly unpredictable.

"It is a shame that you will die by the hand of someone like me.”


Star Goddess
1059, seen it all, incredibly patient

This ethereal oracle trades valuable information to sustain her treasure trove of exotic animal eggs. While trying to maintain a low profile, she has become a bit of a shut in. She spends her days gazing through time and looking after her loyal dogs, Rumpus and Rupert.

"You’re a long way from home.”


The Orca
55, old fart, living (?) legend

Colt’s personal hero, The Orca, single handedly took on an army of androids during the A.I. War. Everyone on the planet knows his name and is grateful for his help in preventing their enslavement. This old war hero disappeared after the winning battle, and is now hiding somewhere in time.

"Put on your brown dress and dancing shoes, looks like we’re about to be part of a shit show.”


Fishbowl the Weapons Dealer
7, sore loser, knows a guy

This shady trader lives deep in the swamp inside a sauna, which is a front for his illegal black-market trade. Although he depends on a mechanical skeleton to support his blowfish body, he has a strong hatred for robots ….and crustaceans.

"Care for a little…demonstration?”


Swamp Ghosts
Age Unknown, highly territorial, great sense of community

Not much is known about these elusive forest dwellers. Probably nothing to worry about... but they are rumored to be cannibals.